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Game Fishing or Sport Fishing is a form of recreational fishing, targeting large fish such as tuna, etc. which fisherman regard as having “sporting qualities”. Game Fishing is all about catch and release. The Andamans can be considered as one of Asia’s last frontiers, when it comes to game fishing and fishing in the Andamans is like no other place on earth. The destination is off the grid and has barely been touched by commercial fishing or affected by mass tourism. Due to its isolation it has been cut-off and well preserved from commercial fishing. The Andaman Islands are still virgin, untouched and believed to be one of Asia’s finest game fishing destinations, catering to the more adventurous angler, who can compromise a bit on comfort, but is looking for a truly unique fishing experience. You could expect to catch Tuna, Barracuda, Red Snapper, Marlin, Trevally, Trigger Fish, Grunts, Goatfish, Sting Rays, etc.